What Your Personal Trainer Might Not Tell You!

You may have heard a thousand times that the best way to exercise is to hire a personal trainer. A trainer is an expert and can show you the best methods and secrets to exercise. If there is actually a shortcut to your fitness goals, it is a personal trainer. While all this may probably be correct, there are some things that get buried under the eulogies that personal trainers receive from all and sundry.

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So, you have paid top dollar to get the personal trainer who is sought after by everyone in your social circle. If you thing it could not be better than this, you might be mistaken. Even if there is almost 100% transparency between you and your trainer, has he ever mentioned these things to you?

1. Personal trainers are as good at selling themselves as they are at training clients. Or perhaps even more! This is true because with the global fitness craze fueling the demand for certified fitness professionals, trainers do not stop at anything to get more and more clients. They are in fact so good at getting new business; you might wonder whether they have a management degree as well!

2. Trainers can push you to the brink of collapse. Personal trainers live by making a success story out of you. Sometimes, they are more interested and driven to achieve your fitness goals than you are! This can lead them to working you more than you can take. And if you are actually unfit (obese, overweight etc) you might suffer serious physical damage. Although most trainers take care of this, you might consider speaking up if you feel that your trainer is more concerned in your fitness results than your overall health and comfort level.

3. It’s rare to find a personal trainer for kids. Yes, you read that right! Though is it a modern trend to hire trainers for kid, you should know that there are very few trainers who actually are certified to work with kids. They way in which an adult can be trained cannot be applied to train a kid. So, check the credentials of the trainer you are hiring for your child, before you take another step forward. Moreover coaching kids requires a lot of patience, understanding and ability to be creative. Keep this in mind!

4. There is something called a group discount. Most trainers will never tell you this, but they actually offer group discounts! So, if you want to pay less than the $400 per hour he is asking for bring three of your friends along and sign up for a group training session. This way, all of you can end up paying much less! The average rates of group discounts range from 30-50%. Now that’s really something isn’t it?

5. Trainers keep you away from exercise machines for a reason. Has your trainer often told you that you are not yet ready for the complex machine at the gym? Well, you might not be, but it might also be that once you start training with machines, a trainer might seem redundant.

Hopefully, these facts might help you get the right trainer and also the right value for every dollar you spend!