We Never Let Go of Family Memories

If you are thinking about getting a family portrait done or perhaps you know someone else who wants their family photographed and not sure of the time frame or budget involved for this type of shoot, they should probably just start off by calling a professional Family Photography Studio and discussing the many plans and options that they have available.

In the end, whether you choose a Family Package, Newborn Photography Package or Children’s Photography Package, you will usually end up with more than they bargained for with excellent family treasures for years to come.

What are some of the key components in family photography?

1. Communication

Communication for sure is the key component in family photography.

From the first time a potential client contacts you via Facebook, email or phone, we make sure that we stay focused and respond to any and all inquiries and messages that come across our desk.

Always keep your clients informed of any scheduling changes, price changes, or location changes especially when shooting outdoors.

Always communicate through many methods but it is usually the client’s communication method of choice that you should go with, mostly because if you know what works for them, and then there is less of a chance of something going wrong like missing the scheduled shoot time or location. It can get costly having to reschedule a missed photo shoot especially if our client only has that one weekend available for a family outing.

Simple things like adding reminders in your calendar will notify you and your clients a few days in advance of an upcoming family photography shoot. Then that day you should send a text or phone call to our clients, if that’s how we’ve touched base in the past. If they don’t respond then keep trying at regular intervals until they respond. This is very important in running a family photography business. Effective communication means the difference of having repeat clients and scratching your head down the road wondering why business is slow.

2. Location

Before choosing a final location for the family photographic shoot, always get your client’s input about where their favorite spots may be. Then you should discuss the pros and cons regarding this location and how the light may not be quite right, the backdrop may be better somewhere else say in a park where there are trees and water fountains, or they may have a beautiful location on a family property somewhere that is more suited to what they expect.

Keep in mind that if shooting in a public park or similar location that you may need a permit, so it’s always good to do some scouting beforehand, just to make sure everything goes smoothly.

3. Wardrobe

Always try to suggest to your clients that they try to be casual and comfortable in whatever they choose to wear. It is always good for families to try matching up clothing that makes them look confident, relaxed, happy, and possibly something with lots of color. Colors like green, aqua or peach tend to show up good in photographs so this may be something you would want to consider before planning any family photography session. Family group shots are great but more organization is needed in coordinating everyone’s schedules right down to what they wear.

For more formal photographs like proms, family weddings, or family milestone birthday events, people start off by being a little tense. However, we find that after a half hour or so of shooting, this is when we get the best shots. Family members eventually get used to us being there and become more relaxed and this makes for some of the best shots overall.

The Overall Goal of Family Photography

The goal in family photography is to be creative, communicate well, and to end up with something memorable that will build client trust and that you may get several referrals from in the near future. Choose a theme like possibly something they enjoy doing such as a hanging out like the family cottage fishing or reading, or even down at the park feeding the ducks.

Also, don’t forget the family pet. There is something right there that may loosen everyone up and get those pearly whites and eyes smiling nice and wide. Whichever location or theme you choose, we try to keep it fun and positive and give the family something unique and memorable that will last a lifetime.