Photo Birth Announcement Time Savers – 6 Fast, Easy Tips

Many new parents are choosing birth announcements with photos to share the good news of their blessed event. But photo birth announcements don’t have to be time consuming.  They don’t have to be one more complicated thing to do when your baby arrives. In fact, there are surprising stress-free ways to quickly and easily send out photo birth announcements.  

Before the baby is born:

1.  Make a list.  Write down everyone who will receive your photo birth announcements.  You can start with your Christmas or Hanukkah card list, and then add to it.  Do you want to send one to your doctor?  Are there old friends or colleagues you haven’t heard from for a long time?  This may be just the opportunity to reconnect.  Make sure all your addresses are current.  Now you have an idea of how many birth announcements you’ll need.  Be sure to get a few extra for anyone you might have forgotten and the family scrapbook.

2.  Browse online. There is such a variety of photo birth announcements in every color, theme, size and price imaginable on the internet.  This is the time to find exactly what you want.  If you wait until after the baby arrives, you may feel pressured to settle, just so you can get the announcements out.  But if you do your shopping now, you can find the perfect photo cards for your baby.  If you have enough time, you might even want to request some samples of your favorite designs, so you can examine them in person before ordering.  

3.  Decide on the design and the wording you want.  Although you won’t know all the statistics yet, like birth date and weight, you can figure out the rest of the words.  Do you want to include a quote, a poem or some clever play on words?  Some companies are very flexible in what text you can use to personalize your photo birth announcements.

4. Preorder your envelopes.  This is a real time-saver.  Once you have selected your photo birth announcement, you can order the envelopes that match the announcement ahead of time.  Some companies will want you to reserve and pay for your birth announcements in advance, and then will ship your envelopes.  Other companies will “sell” you the amount of envelopes you require and include a coupon that refunds the cost of the envelopes when you are ready to order your announcements. Even if a company does not list this option on their website, most of them will offer this service.  It is well worth taking this extra step.   Then, you can address your envelopes, put stamps on them and have them ready to go.

5. Take lots of photos.  Yes, before the baby is born.  The time to learn all the bells and whistles of your digital camera is before you need to take great pictures.  Practice getting the right shot, so that when your angel arrives, you’ll be ready to take awesome photos. For information on birth photography click here.

After the baby arrives.

6. Take lots of photos.  And then take even more photos.  Don’t worry about how good they are, (you’ve already practiced!). Just click away.  Then leisurely look through them, choose the best ones, and upload or email them to the company you’ve chosen to create your photo birth announcements.  Let them know all your statistics and personalization, and wait for them to arrive.  The only thing left to do is stuff the envelopes!

Just imagine how delighted everyone will be who receives your baby’s photo birth announcement.  And to think, no one will ever suspect that you did so much ahead of time or that it was this easy!