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Installation Timing Think of landscape lighting when you make your landscape strategy. Even if the lighting will come later, it’s smart to let specialists do the underground electrical wiring throughout building and construction. We can hide wires and components more quickly if we work in conjunction with the carpenters and electrical experts. 3. Landscape Lighting Voltage Options Here’s one option that’s easy.

That implies LED lights. All the landscape lighting we install is LED. Halogen bulbs last for just about one year, and changing them every year is a trouble. LED bulbs have a typical life of 50,000 hours and utilize 75 percent less electrical power than halogen bulbs. We have not had to replace a bulb yet.

4. The Type Of Lighting Fixtures Here at Outback Landscape, we love uplights. You’ll hear us yap about the difference they make in the landscape. Uplights are set up on the ground near the base of your subject to throw a cascade of light on plants, shrubs, trees or landscape structures.

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Lighting columns from below includes drama and can create intriguing shadows on walls. Garden functions are excellent prospects for uplighting. Highlight a beautiful fountain, stylish statue or a valued plant with uplighting. Some features are best lit by downlighting. Lighting a bed of gorgeous hosta from above flaunt their huge textured, variegated leaves after dusk.

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Use it under benches and seating walls to cast subtle lighting along paths and patio areas. Not just does it cast an inviting pool of light, however it provides an element of safety for people strolling through. Perplexed? Your lighting designer is specialist in choosing the best light for the best place.

Landscape Lighting Fixture Materials You’ll see a variety of materials in the lighting fixture market. Some are better than others. Let’s take a look at the alternatives: Aluminum Aluminum is appealing, because it’s the least costly. However it’s likewise the lowest quality. Over time, it will oxidize, and the paint will fade.

Outdoor Lighting Latest News

Powder-coated aluminum might appear much better, however it, too, will stain, chip and fade after a couple of years. Brass Made from a mixture of copper and zinc, brass is a hard metal that holds up well in the environment. Brass fixtures are more expensive, but will last for several years and typically featured extended warranties.

Copper Copper is another fantastic quality option for outdoor lighting. Copper is not quite as strong as brass, so some producers will make brass components and coat them with copper for the durability of brass and the charm of copper. Copper will likewise establish a patina with time, darkening when exposed to the elements.

6. The Cost of Landscape Lighting Let’s face it your budget is a big consider identifying the scope of your landscape lighting strategy. It decides whether you install your entire lighting plan at once, or in stages to spread the expense over time. It assists figure out the number of components you set up and where.

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Consider your priorities, where you desire to splurge and where you may be going to cut down. What Is The Expense? A fundamental landscape lighting system with a transformer, photocell and timer and 4 to 5 LED uplights will start at about $1,500, installed. Why uplights? As we noted earlier, they’re versatile.