Best Fat Burners

What the “Heck” are theĀ Best Fat Burners? If your overweight or obese this is an almighty common question flooding weight loss forums and dieting journals worldwide. Whatever our excess weight, searching for the best fat burners is now “THE” most common query amongst want to-b dieters.

Lets think philosophically shall we for one moment and try to answer the burning question of the most efficient way to lose weight.

No-one can refute that the easiest way to lose weight is to consume a well balanced diet accompanied with regular exercise, along with required rest and relaxation.

Well – Fat Burning Pills, Weight Loss Pills,… Blockers, Binders, Burners, – whatever you want to call them – Provide a Short Cut. It is no myth that they don’t work, it’s just about choosing the right ones to put in your body.

  • Which are the Best Fat Burners – Prescription or Natural?

Well, fat burning pills can be divided into 2 Categories: Prescribed – or – Over the Counter. Would it interest you in knowing which are the best of these fat burners?

Consider this: If Alli claims to block 25% of dietary fats from your meals then these are “clinically proven” results. This means it has been clinically tested by real individuals who get paid to partake in clinical trials and the results, if proven to be safe and successful, are then medically endorsed by the medical community and the F.D.A (Food and Drugs Association).

But prescription fat burners are far from perfect. Most come with “treatment effects” as the weight loss industry put it. These can include oily complexions, irritable bowels, loose stools.. and a bunch of irregular effects on brain and sleeping patterns.

At the same time, prescription weight loss pills are essentially used to treat obesity which itself presents dangers to your health. As the side effects of some of the best fat burning pills go hand in hand, doctors who treat obesity, advise of their potential symptoms, yet prescribe them as they are probably the only effective way to lose weight.

Not all weight loss fat burning supplements, whether sold over the counter or through prescription back up what they claim though. Have you noticed their amazing promises of “guaranteed” fat burning weight loss on a daily basis, which will lead to permanent weight loss: It’s a Proven Fact!

Ummm,…. well it sure isn’t. Mostly because they don’t support these claims with clinical facts. If it doesn’t have the specific medical endorsements you cannot know for sure whether it will burn your fat, increase your metabolism, or it’s simply just a placebo.

Another point of concern are the natural or herbal ingredients.

Does Natural mean safe? Consider this when choosing fat burning pills: Clenbuterol or Ephedra were once “THE” most popular fat burners on the market.

Do you remember the “Size Zero Pill”? Originally designed to treat asthma for horses. This little puppy really got the heart racing, so much so, that even some celebrities were soon developing serious eating disorders due to it’s powerful appetite suppressant.

The F.D.A soon discovered this fat burner to be extremely unsafe to our nervous system and its sister drug, Ephedra, was banned and Clenbuterol then became a prescription drug only in the U.S and banned in some European countries.

So our advice in choosing natural supplements, so as to attain the best fat burners, would be to check first that they have been clinically tested and have strong, successful testimonials from the weight loss community.

Undoubtedly, the leader among natural weight loss pills in 2007 was Proactol – clinically tested and acknowledged by health professionals and customers as a safe and good fat burning pill and fat blocking pill.

  • Weight Loss Slimming Pills Action Types:

Weight loss slimming pills can be divided into various Actions:

Appetite Suppressants:

Appetite suppressants are one of the oldest ways to treat dieting and weight loss and there are a number of reputable brands out there. Remember: always check with those that have undergone clinical trials.

Hoodia Gordonii was the first major hit in the weight loss market. Derived from the natural extracts of the Hoodia Plant, originally used for centuries by local cultures and communities, it has now been patented and is now a popular suppressant and additional supplement among dieters.

Fat Burners and Blockers:

Fat burners work by helping the body break down fat in the digestive track. Once released the fat then enters the blood stream where the fatty acids are then burned in the muscle.

Some fat burners act solely by burning the fat at an increased rate, whilst some also block specific fat and carbohydrate material in your diet.

In this instance, fats and/or carbs that are usually absorbed in the stomach, are restricted from being broken down and then pass through your intestine and out of your system.

Both Proactol and Alli are fat blockers which their clinical trials approve over 25% fat blocking capabilities.

Alli, (a softer version to Xenical which has more powerful “treatment effects”.) is F.D.A approved and is sold over the counter in the U.S. But whilst dieting using this fat burner/blocker, it is advised that you stick to a dietary fat intake of 15mgs per each meal, as otherwise loose bowel and stool side effects are felt.

As a fat blocker and burner, acting somewhat like Alli, but free from the side effects, Proactol is now the leading fat burning/blocking pill. It acts safely and helps lose weight safely and steadily over a period of time whatever your dietary intake.

The conclusion is simple – choose well known brands that are clinically tested and deliver positive results. There is no quick fix way to lose weight but weight loss pills, which combine both fat burning and fat blocking capabilities do help you lose weight more effectively.